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Thiel College

Communication and Leadership

Thiel College, Greenville, Pennsylvania



75 College Ave
Greenville, Pennsylvania, 16125, United States



Our M.A. in Communication and Leadership provides students with practical skills to advance their careers in a variety of industries. Communication-focused courses enhance skills such as research assessments, presentation skills, data skills and influential messaging. The organizational leadership training explores strategic planning, ethical leadership and cultural awareness, all skills fundamental to professional advancement. This dynamic combination of coursework prepares students to grow in careers such as: - Sales and Marketing - Non-Profit Communications - Public Relations - Public Policy and Advocacy - Business Management - Entrepreneurship Graduate Program Goals: - Develop decision making: In the real world, leaders are challenged to consider the needs of many diverse stakeholders in their decision-making. You will sharpen critical thinking and analytical skills, evaluate complex case studies, defend them against criticism, and justify your decisions with data. - Improve goal-setting capabilities: Learn to set goals, organize, and meet objectives with minimal direction—an important competency for leaders. - Become an effective communicator: Improve your ability to construct written arguments and focus on interpersonal communication skills to effectively communicate with peers, upper management, and external stakeholders. - Increase your self-awareness: Developing as a leader requires being able to identify strengths and weaknesses and pinpoint opportunities for personal improvement. - Gain a global perspective: In life, you’ll encounter people from a variety of cultures and backgrounds. Surrounding yourself with diverse views and opinions will give you a broader perspective, and open the door for you to learn from others, increase your cultural awareness, and better lead across countries and cultures. - Challenge your views: Successful leaders are comfortable challenging their own views to make the best and most objective decisions. By learning to step aside from your preconceived beliefs and consider the perspectives of others, you will learn to lead more inclusively. - Become a teamwork expert: Encouraging collaboration to solve complex problems embodies the collective nature of leadership. You’ll learn how to build and manage teams, listen to the views of others, experience different work ethics, and delegate effectively. Connect the curriculum to career interests: All students receive a $27,000 grant toward their on-campus graduate assistantship that is aligned with their career interests. It’s an ideal way to cultivate skills through meaningful work and gain valuable professional experience.

Academic Fields
    Educational Leadership and Administration, General.
    Communication, General.
    Public Relations, Advertising, and Applied Communication, Other
    Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities, Other.
    Humanities/Humanistic Studies.
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    Master's, MA, Master of Arts in Communication and Leadership

    Full Time, On-Campus


    Communication, Leadership


    The Master of Arts in Communication and Leadership program application period is officially open! As a graduate of the program, you will apply knowledge garnered from cutting-edge courses taught by faculty whose expertise extends beyond academia into world-class communication and leadership experience. In order to apply, the Office of Admission requires the following: Online application Personal Statement on ‘What the student hopes to learn about themselves in the program.” Resume Two letters of recommendation Official transcripts from all colleges and universities All documents listed above can be sent to admissions@thiel.edu for review.
    Academic Backgrounds
      Educational Leadership and Administration, General.
      Humanities/Humanistic Studies.
      Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies and Humanities, Other.
      Military and Strategic Leadership.
      Organizational Leadership.
    A- = 3.3-3.6


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    Mrs. Morgan Bodnar

    Assistant Director of Admissions, Graduate Counselor