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Loyola Marymount University

Master of Arts in Bioethics

Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, California


Bringing bioethics to a changing world.


Bioethics Institute
1 LMU Drive, University Hall 4500
Los Angeles, California, 90045, United States



Changes in medicine and the life sciences challenge our understanding of human nature, the goals of medicine, and the moral limits of our technological power. Bioethics addresses ethical issues such as medical experimentation, reproductive technologies, stem cell research, genetic manipulation, assisted suicide, and artificial intelligence. LMU's Bioethics Institute offers an interdisciplinary look at community engagement on these important discussions, national and international leadership on important initiatives, and faculty/student collaboration across various departments.

Academic Fields
    Biology/Biological Sciences, General.
    Humanities/Humanistic Studies.
    Public Health, General.
    Health Policy Analysis.
    Certificate or Non-degree, Certificate, Certificate in Bioethics
    Master's, MA, Master of Arts in Bioethics

    Full Time, Part Time, On-Campus, Evening or Weekend


    bioethics, public health, ethics, research, health care, philosophy, social justice, humanities, medical ethics, clinical research


    We require a bachelor's degree from an accredited four-year college or university. All majors welcomed. Our students fall into three categories: 1) Those who want to continue on with a PhD, law school, or medical school; 2) Those who are already professionals (like doctors, lawyers, nurses, social workers, and educators) and will take this graduate degree back to their existing employment; and 3) Those interested in "systems", such as public health, hospitals, regulatory work (county, state, and federal), school districts or religious organizations. This degree can be a formative experience or a launching point for a specific goal.
    Academic Backgrounds
      Humanities/Humanistic Studies.
      Applied and Professional Ethics.
      Bioethics/Medical Ethics.
      Biology/Biological Sciences, General.
      Health Communication.
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