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Jacobs University Bremen

Supply Chain Management

Jacobs University Bremen, Bremen


High chances for gaining scholarships - highly international classes - highly motivated faculty and staff: join SCM's community at Jacobs University!


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Campus Ring 1
Bremen, 28203, Germany



Supply Chain Management is a growing profession and in high demand throughout the world. The MSc program in Supply Chain Management prepares you to be a decision maker in an interconnected business world or simply: a true Globalization Manager! The program educates and trains students to deal with complex problems, using engineering and management skills. The graduate degree program concentrates on describing, analyzing and designing logistics systems. The overarching aim is to provide the students with tools and insights on how high-performance and robust global logistics systems can be built and sustainably maintained. The two-year program teaches the advanced concepts and tools of supply chain engineering and management. Providing a balanced combination of theory-based knowledge and practical skills, the curriculum focuses on actual real-world challenges through excursions, factory visits, workshops, and on-site placements/internships. Right at the doorstep of the vibrant international trade hub of the Hanseatic City of Bremen, the program is taught by experienced and renowned experts in the field.

Academic Fields
    Business Administration and Management, General.
    Industrial Engineering.
    Information Technology.
    Logistics, Materials, and Supply Chain Management.
    Operations Research.
    Master's, MS, Master of Science in Supply Chain Management

    Full Time


    Entrepreneurship, Made in Germany, Automotive, Retailing, Distribution, Data Analytics, Digitization, Digitalization, Logistics,


    We look for driven students that are truly interested in learning more about the growing field of Supply Chain Management (SCM) with a career-driven mindset. We look for people apt in problem solving, project management, analyzing complex systems and with interest in international groups. Ideally, students of this program have some work experience or did an internship in a relevant field. It is recommended to have a basic understanding of what supply chain management is about. German language is not required. For students who'd like to start a career in Germany, it is highly recommended to take some German classes prior to the start of the studies to not need to start as beginners.
    Academic Backgrounds
      Business Administration and Management, General.
      Economics, General.
      Industrial Engineering.
      Information Technology Project Management.
      Logistics, Materials, and Supply Chain Management.
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